Backblog 6 Thoughts on Hebrews 6.4

Blog Taste…who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, and have shared in the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the age to come…

It’s about those who have experienced, entered into and gone along with and proved the reality of new birth.

We are enlightened when we have seen the kingdom, seen through the world, seen Jesus, seen the brotherhood, conviction of sin, revelations in the Spirit, our sonship – and the light of God shines on.
The age to come can be tasted. Jesus is the firstborn of new creation, which is the kingdom coming in on earth. The old creation is being superseded as it is no longer ruling in us. This is a foretaste of the new earth.
The heavenly gift is grace, is Jesus and the gospel of salvation, is God’s complete provision, the Father’s care.
The promise of the Father is the gift of the Holy Spirit, the paraclete alongside to help. To know him in your heart and in those you are with, is everything you could ask for.
The word of God is heart food, effective wisdom, a better worldview, gripping stories, the handbook for life, and most of all is Christ himself.
People of the age to come have new spirits, souls being renewed, bodies quickened, and their society enlightened and enlivened. There is excitement, adventure, fresh discoveries in in spiritual living, self denial and patience and humbling and perplexity, gratitude, the outflow of love and the good news, in service and suffering with joy.
The powers of the age to come are faith, love, spiritual gifts, healing, repentance, soul restoration and refining, weapons for warfare, angels, and love.
If we are truly living in this experience we shall readily live differently, separate but not isolated, sharing together, serving and blessing many, winning more and maturing them as the Lord builds the house.
Plenty to be going on with, and terrible to lose.
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