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Blog my fatherMy Father is wealthy, fabulously so. And kind, though stern and demanding at times.
He let me find out recently that I had a fatal genetic disease before birth which kills every person that has it, but he found a remedy that cost him a terrifying amount. In fact he did exactly the same for my siblings; he loves his kids that much.
We never lacked anything and feel very privileged.
Despite that, he’s brought me up to mistrust money and to value giving more than gaining. He’s the best example of that, as he’s so generous. He quite often seems to waste kindness on people who are completely ungrateful. But as I say, he can also be tough, even pretty scary, when he gets angry, which fortunately isn’t often; and he’s always fair.
If I ask him for anything I need he’ll look after me, though how he does it is sometimes quite unexpected – he’s like that, playful almost.
If he says no he doesn’t always explain why, but I’ve learned that he knows best what is good for me. If I got everything I wanted it would be a disaster!
Anyway, I enjoy being a king’s son, it’s pretty good, in fact the best.
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